Hindu Cards or Kankotris for Indian, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi religion weddings in UK. Invitations having Hindu gods logos like Ganesha, Swaminarayan, Om, Swastik, etc. Hindu cards are done for all the languages of India, be it Gujarati wedding where cards are called kankotri and inserts are for Mandwo, Civil wedding, Graha shanti yagna, Mangalik Shubh Prasango, Mangal Parinay, etc. And in Tamil wedding rituals, where the invitation is sent from both the sides of bride and groom together. Tamils invite are very simple and mainly has English and Tamil wordings. Primarily all these are classified under Hindu wedding. We can customise as per requirement wherever possible. Matching gift bags, boxes, rsvp cards and thankyou cards are done too.

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